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What we do

Smart&Able thinks about strategy and tactics (smart) and executes this efficiently (able). We help you in communication and lobbying. Here you will find our expertises.

Strategy & advice

Think ahead, know when and who makes decisions and be on the front line; we lay down a long-term communications and lobbying strategy, but implementation starts today. We will do this together. With the board, the management team or the

Training & coaching

A strong media performance can enhance your organisation’s reputation. Learning how to tell a story in a natural manner or give a quote to journalists – a media-training quickly helps. Do you want more insight in the civil service and political playfield to obtain more attention for your point of view, then Smart&Able offers a lobbying training.

Interim & management

How do you keep a grip on a (crisis)situation? How do you constructively establish contact with stakeholders? What is daily being said and written in the media about your enterprise? Smart&Able can give immediate advice or help you on an interim basis. 

Crisis management & spokesmanship

A take over, fire, strike or a juditical procedure: Smart&Able is available 24/7 during a crisis. With practical and specific advice. We substitute as your spokesperson or organize it, making sure you keep or regain the control.

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