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Crisis management & spokesmanship

A take over, fire, strike or a lawsuit: Smart&Able is available 24/7 during a crisis. With practical and specific advice. We substitute as your spokesperson or organize communications, making sure you keep or regain the control.

Crisis management

Of course, you are well-prepared, you have already experienced a media and/or crisis training. But real life tends to be slightly different. You need an adviser  able to step in quickly to face up to the first storm. Someone who devises a strategy with you for what lies ahead.

This is exactly what Smart&Able provides. We are available 24/7. We can get to the heart of the matter fast, offer advice based on in-depth knowledge, as well as an accurate execution. Contacts with the press, with other stakeholders, with the government; we are there to advise and assist you.

The main thing: (re)gaining control. This enables you to determine content and set the pace. But also to look ahead: what should be done after the crisis?  Who do we need? Which internal actions must be taken inorder to prevent another crisis?

But we will deal with this crisis first.


Knowing when and how what media outlets need to be approached. If you or your organisation are involuntarily the center of attention, but also if you seek that attention. 

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