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Interim & management

How to manage a crisis? Engae with stakeholders? Are you up to date about chatter and rumours in the media?Smart&Able offers immediate advice or help you in-house, on an interim basis.


A colleague on maternity leave, a crisis, a big project, the communications manager is on sick leave?

Smart&Able provides the right expert. For building or screening a communications department, for establishing a new communications division, for coaching teams. Your Smart&Able consultant will be supported by the agency, contributing to the thought process.

Reputation management

A solid reputation must be maintained and monitored. If you have an established reputation, possible damage in a crisis may be limited. As a result, confidence will remain strong even then.

Smart&Able helps you analyse your reputation. And we know how to improve or consolidate this reputation. Also, we assist in determining your desired market position. Sometimes on a practical level, by crafting the messages from your organisation. Or by drawing your attention to developments and situations you may want to address.

Issue management

A new government may unexpectedly give rise to new issues. Likewise, something seemingly insignificant could turn into an issue overnight because of a tweet from an angry client. Or an imminent takeover - a stimulus for company results - might have far-reaching consequences for the regional job market. One leak, and the takeover will be cancelled.

Usually people are aware of the current or conceivable issues within an organisation. But there may be insufficient time to find out how those issues should be tackled.

Smart&Able advises boards on how to recognise issues that deserve attention - in politics, media and society - and we ensure the organisation will be fully prepared before a tweet has been posted or a newspaper article has appeared.

Stakeholders management

Who are all these stakeholders? Which interests to they represent that are of value for your firm? Smart&Able maps this out for you. We know the ropes when it comes to Dutch politics and we also know how you can make a difference in relationships with European, national and local politicians and administrators.

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