strategie lobby communicatie advies den haag

Strategy & advice

Think ahead, know when and by whom decisions are made and be on top of things; we lay down a long-term communications and lobbying strategy, but implementation starts today. We will do this together. With the board, the management team or the communications team.

Communications strategy and plan

Your reputation, effectiveness - and even your viability - are to a large extent determined by the media. 'Bad press' is damaging. Media will initially continue to focus on what goes wrong. And rightly so. But this does not mean you have to sit on your hands if a media storm hits you or your organisation.

Lobbying strategy and advice

A lobby involves more, much more than a chat with a few members of parliament. For an effective lobbying strategy the stakeholders – including those outside the political arena and outside The Hague – should be mapped out, the state of current and future legislation needs to be analysed and contacts with relevant functionaries have to be established. Based on this, and more, we devise a clear strategy that will be executed timely.

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