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Training & coaching

A strong media performance can enhance your organisation’s reputation. Learning how to tell a story in a natural manner or give a quote to journalists – a media-training quickly helps. Do you want more insight in the civil service and political playfield to obtain more attention for your point of view, then Smart&Able offers a lobbying training.

Media training course

Forget bookish theories, we get down to business straightaway. On the basis of practical case studies that are tailored to your organisation. Achievements will be analysed by means of video recordings. First of all, the trainers pay attention to substance and content, but also to your presentation (posture, speech). Is the story credible and solid? Are you able to deal with critical questions?

Presentation training course

You know what you want to tell. But does your message get through to the audience? Each presentation is different. Circumstances change (meeting, conference, video conference), target audiences vary (your own employees, shareholders, media) and the length of the story differs.

Smart&Able helps you with the preparation and the execution. We give advice on form and content. We provide a framework for the story and, if necessary, we help you write it. We also offer advice on body language, intonation and the use of tools to ensure the message is heard and understood.

Public affairs training

Our advisers - who have a thorough background in politics and administration - know what you should bear in mind in order to influence far-reaching political decision-making, such as legislative proposals and administrative measures.

In our training sessions you will learn how to deal with decision- and policy-makers in the Dutch parliament and in the regional or local government offices. Or we show you around The Hague. The political centre of The Netherlands is not only the seat of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Council of State and the SER (Social and Economic Council of The Netherlands) also have their offices in this city.

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