Bart Jochems

Bart Jochems

Bart Jochems combines strategy with execution. He likes clear and consequently concise plans, he helps companies and CEOs to position themselves and assists in devising and executing communications. Politics holds no secrets for him, he knows what drives journalists and he is at his best in crisis management.

He draws on his experience as a (television) journalist, communications strategist and as a spokesman for various ministers of Foreign Affairs. He likes complicated issues involving many stakeholders and he feels at ease in the boardroom. He knows the devil is in the detail, but he goes straight to the heart of a problem. This means he gets down to work immediately after the thought process.

Jochems worked as a parliamentary journalist (print and broadcast, news programmes for commercial and public television) in the Netherlands. He was Head Communications at an insurance company and spokesman at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving three subsequent ministers, among whom Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who was later appointed secretary general of the NATO.

This background serves him well, not only in outsourcing (Dutch Public Broadcasting Company, city of The Hague), but also as a spokesman during crises and as a reputation management adviser. If required, he combines communications and lobbying to devise a clear public strategy for business or governing body.

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